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Gestacare Gestation Capsules (x30 units)

Gestacare Gestation Capsules (x30 units)

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It is a food supplement with vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients, developed specifically for adequate supplementation during the period of pregnancy.Food supplements aim to eliminate the risk of deficiency of essential micronutrients.The risk of disability, when occurring during pregnancy, can have maternal-fetal repercussions that are sometimes irreversibleand with sub-clinical manifestations.Gestacare has a formulation that aims to compensate the nutritional needs of women from the moment they aim to get pregnant until breastfeeding.Designed for the specific needs of pregnant women.Supplementation during pregnancy is decisively associated with the prevention of birth defects and reduction of preterm birth.It has a current and innovative composition in accordance with the most recent national and international recommendations.The importance of Folic Acid present in Gestacare - QuatrefolicIn March 2014, the European Commission approved this new form of vitamin B9 as “Novel Food” (a new nutritional ingredient in food supplements), following the favorable opinion of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) of October 2013 and the approval of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) 2010 as “Nouvel ingrédient diététique” (NDI).Perfect bioavailability and securityQuatrefolic, also known as fourth generation folate, has better solubility in water and an ideal bioavailability compared to other forms of folic acid, as it is immediately available for cellular use, without the need for any metabolic transformation. It is also a totally safe way, which does not cause any increase in the levels of non-metabolized folic acid.Optimized propertiesThe importance of vitamin B9 is well recognized and has been widely studied in young women and pregnant women to ensure a harmonious development of the fetus, limiting malformations of the neural tube. Deficiency in this element is recognized as one of the most frequent, being imperative to guarantee an adequate and regular supply in women of childbearing age.Like methionine, folates are key elements in the DNA methylation cycle, also known as carbon metabolism - essential for normal cell function. Folates therefore act as important coenzymes in the transfer of monocarbon groups (CH3). They thus protect the genetic support from aberrations that would lead to carcinogenesis and also help the body to synthesize proteins that destroy cancer cells. There is now undeniable evidence of the effects of a deficiency in folates and vitamin B12 on the methylation process.Associated with vitamin B12, folates ensure the conversion of homocysteine ​​to methionine. Taking a supplement with Quatrefolic is therefore preferable to taking a supplement of folic acid, as it is immediately available to react with homocysteine ​​and thus avoid hyperhomocysteinemia.The importance of Ginger in Gestacare CompositionDuring pregnancy, there are countless women who suffer from bad mood and nausea, reflected in the diet and in the supply of micronutrients essential to the formation of the fetus.Ginger has an important role, as its gastrointestinal action against the morning sickness is documented and proven.Its antiemetic (nausea reduction) and anti-inflammatory properties are due to the mixture of phytochemicals and other substances such as camphene, felandrene, zingiberene and zingerone. It is believed that the effect is not only at the intestinal and gastric level but also at the level of the central nervous system.

Take one capsule a day with a glass of water, preferably at night, just before bedtime.
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