Healtsy Club



Welcome to our Healtsy Club. Here you can earn points base on your purchase and your engagement on our community.


  • What are HealtsyPoints?
HealtsyPoints are points that you earn with every purchase you make in the Healtsy online store. For every euro you buy, you earn 1 points.


  • What are they for?

With the points you earn on your purchases, you'll get direct discounts on subsequent purchases.


  • How much is 1 HealtsyPoint worth? (earned and spent)

Each HealtsyPoint is worth €0.05. You have to use the points in multiples of 5, up to a maximum of 200 points per purchase. A minimum of €0.25 off and a maximum of €10.


  • Is there a minimum purchase amount to spend HealtsyPoints?

There is no minimum purchase to spend your HealtsyPoints.


  • Maximum amount of HealtsyPoints I can spend per purchase?

You can spend a maximum of €10 off, which is equivalent to 500 points.


  • When can I use my HealtsyPoints?

HealtsyPoints have no expiration date.


  • Can I spend HealtsyPoints on promotional products?

No, you can't use your points on the products on sale at Healtsy.


  • Where can I check my HealtsyPoints?

You can check your points in your customer account.

For more information contact info@healtsy.com.


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